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Disney's Donald Duck Goin Quackers

Disney's Donald Duck Goin Quackers

Only $3.99
Retail Price: $11.93
Product Code: 3652
MPN: 3652
Package: CD Sleeve
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Ship Weight: 0.60 lbs.

Platform: Windows

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For Ages 6 and Up

Donald Duck has been giving cartoon audiences a glimpse of his surly disposition ever since his film debut in 1934, and he has since appeared in numerous games across multiple platforms. Yet the cantankerous quacker has never starred in a 3D game until now. Ubi Soft's first title based on a Disney license is a combination of side-scrolling and 3D platform elements in the vein of Disney's Tarzan or Crash Bandicoot.

As Donald Duck, you begin the game in Gyro Gearloose's lab where you learn the terrible news that Daisy's been kidnapped by Merlock the wizard. Now Donald must set out to find his beloved through a series of five worlds all found within Gyro's Lab. Yet before you can access them all, you must first activate the teleporters by finding the scattered pieces of Gyro's reflector dish.
Whether it's avoiding spiders and bats in Magica's Haunted Manor or negotiating the fallen beams and precarious ledges in Duckburg, you must press on through the individual stages to confront each level's boss character. Defeat the villain and you'll be one step closer to your eventual showdown with Merlock. Fortunately for you, Donald has a few moves he can perform, which include the usual running, jumping, punching and the always popular karate kick in midair.

Donald Duck is known for his feisty temper, and this element of his character has been included in the game through the life meter. Whenever Donald takes a hit from an enemy, he'll start to get angry -- visibly depicted by the position of the hat on his head as well as with his movements. His mood will improve, however, if you can find a milkshake or glass of orange juice within a level. Other items to collect include stars, toys, and packages.

Making cameos in the game are Donald's nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie (whose toys are a source of power-ups), inventor Gyro Gearloose, and competitive cousin Gladstone Gander, who also fancies himself as Daisy's champion.(Ages 8 & up)

Product Features!
  • Help Donald get through 20 3D environments You ll have to do what you can to control Donalds temper as he goes from calm to determined to berserk to hyperactive
  • Includes exciting chases, boss battles and bonus levels!
  • Explore action-packed cartoon worlds with high resolution graphics and immersive sound.
  • Donald's changing attitude makes no two games alike.
  • Run & jump to avoid traffic battle Duckburgs crime bosses and save Daisy

    It's nonstop fun and action Disney-style!

  • System requirements

    PC Requirements-Windows 95/98 . Pentium class processor, 166MHz MMX or faster . 32MB of RAM . 250MB Hard Disk space . 12X speed CD-ROM drive . 16-bit DirectX-compatible sound card . 16-bit color DirectX-compatible 4MB video card with 3D acceleration . DirectX-compatible game pad (optional)

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